About Alexia 

Born in the south west of France, Alexia played tennis since she was 7 years old. She played at county level and then semi professionally as she reached the Junior French Open in 2000 and was the runner up of the National Cup in 2001.

Then she dedicated her time to study her passion the human body and manual therapy and studied Osteopathy at the College International D’Osteopathy in Saint Etienne, France which was in a partnership with the European School of Osteopathy, Kent, UK. Alexia graduated in 2007 and has since developed her two practices in central and west London.

Alexia uses a wide range of different techniques including visceral, functional and cranial approaches, as well as structural and rehabilitation advices.

Alexia works following very strong principles:

“ Our body is a lot more clever than we are, we have to remain very humble with it, learn to listen and feel what it tells us, 
it is the key to our overall health."

"I always work towards finding the root of the problem not to treat only the symptoms."

"You are unique and I will give you a unique treatment tailored specially to you."

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Alexia with her passion for sport volunteered for Olympia Handball Club, Leyton, London to be the Lead therapist and Lead Osteopath for both Men’s and Women’s squads during their training sessions, in season, game time and to help them with their physical preparation, training and rehabilitation programs for various injuries. She also looked after players from Ruislip Eagle Handball Club, Ruislip, London and Great Dane Handball Club, Leyton, London.Those three clubs play at national and
European Level. In 2010 she became the Lead Osteopath for Great Britain Handball Men’s squad, following them to European and World championship.
In October 2011, Alexia was also given the position of Team Osteopath for the GB Handball Women’s squad. She worked with both GB Men’s and Women’s squad in preparation to the London 2012 Olympic Games and had the honour to be the accredited Lead Osteopath for GB Handball Men’s Squad during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

In 2010, she started a Strength and Conditioning Master's degree at the University of East London as she realised that a lot of the injuries sustained by the athletes but also from the general public she sees in practice, are usually due to the lack of planning for training or the mistakes in the frequency, duration, type and intensity of training. She graduated with a MSc in 2011 with the opportunity to publish her dissertation: "The relationship between morning resting heart rate, sub maximal heart rate at a prescribed exercise intensity and perception of fatigue to detect early signs of overtraining in elite male handball players." She has used simple, reproducible, reliable tests so that they can apply to the general public to help manage their training and recovery.

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Alexia has also a great experience in seeing women in preparation to pregnancy, during and post pregnancy as well as paediatric osteopathy or also called cranial Osteopathy for babies from premature babies to toddlers, children and teenagers everyday in her practice.
Following the birth of her first daughter she decided to specialise in women’s health. She graduated in December 2021 from the Molinari Institute of Health with a Post Grad Cert in Women's Health to help support women during their pregnancy journey wether it is a straight forward pregnancy or more complicated and stressful ones with multiple tries, IVF’s, complicated pregnancies delivery and post delivery recovery, but also hormonal imbalances and digestive issues, etc...
Being a mother of 2 herself is also an advantage to understand the distress of some babies and the anxiety and worry it can create for the parents, the strains it can put on relationship as well as the pressure and mental load that being a woman, a wife, a mum, a working mum, and more can be.

"There is no way to be a perfect mother but a million ways to be a great one"

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